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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. >> >>vicki: they have a principle behind bars tonight. he was dealing crystal meth. he was picked up in a police sting. dalian gives us details on the irs. against drug is now selling drugs.
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detectives arrested principal eric lewis. the agency started chatting with him on the gate gate the web site. -- gay dating website. it has been a principal at montague elementary and santa clara they say apparently their principal did not practice what he preached. >> he was teaching the children what not to do. >>da: they did not believe that he sold drugs to
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students or to parents. >>da: principal lotus will appear in court on monday. >> >>vicki: these hit a football field of a high- school and is not the first time. reggie kumar has more. reggie >> this is the second time this month that the use of stolen a copper wire from this high school. there on the field on tuesday and the lights were working fine. they told me that all of the copper had been stolen. this and that the wires on one end and then pass that the out wires on the other end at the next poll and pulled it out.
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-- pulled into out. apparently they did not have a way to carry the wire out because they found it in the restrooms. earlier this year thieves broke into the same school in stole everything inside. there will not be able to have a night game until the wiring was -- is replaced pit. with this kind of damage no one benefits. >> the booster club found out that would take $10,000 to repair these lights. that is more than they have.
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>>vicki: the environmental protection agency is looking into claims that chevron send pollutants into air shaft spin. >> bay area air quality movement found a pipe. i spoke to this man who works with two agencies that regulate the refinery. he explains it uninventive of fame emergencies the refinery will bypass the admissions process. he will day -- they will then directed into the air.
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they require that all refineries in the bay area monitor their flaring. they need to track what gases they're releasing into the air. the inspector at the refinery notice of the coming out of one of the stacks. he asked to see the data and said it looks like some flaring had occurred. >> the surveillance video shows that a number of flaring activities happened over several years to the trying to determine whether this was intentional or an oversight of the refinery. this could mean the refinery has to pay a $170,000 fine.
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>> defense like this cause us to lose confidence in the refinery. that's why we want to understand what happened. we want to be assured that this is not going to happen again. >>vicki: the critical -- the criminal investigation is ongoing. a meeting is set tomorrow for information about the ongoing investigation. >> >>vicki: here in the bay area drivers are still paying some of the highest prices. here are some of the gas prices of around area.
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>> san francisco police are going to host a town hall meeting. this is after protesters damaged a lot of the businesses in the mission district did >> we will begin tomorrow morning with fog by the bay appeared. we will have more sunshine in the afternoon. i will give you more details coming up. >> we will talk about the party bus is and how the new laws will affect you. >> we will talk about what
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>> governor brown was busy signing bills into law. >> now a certified nurse midwives for best decisions assistant can write press controls -- priced birth control prescriptions. >> the book gate breast cancer detection improvements. -- there will be breast cancer detection improvements. women who have denser tissue and the press will be notified and be asked to do more testing and possibly
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will identify cancer that may otherwise be passed over. >> there are also two pieces of legislation that some say that they will be required to set safety requirements for public utilities. finally party bosses. this law holds limousine operators but not ciardi -- party bus operators liable. a man crashed his vehicle near san mateo after parting for quite a while. >> they said that a
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chaperoned 25 years old or older must be on the buss. the company will face up to $2,000 in fines. these laws will going to affect on january 1st. >> >>vicki: decision 2012. both president obama and mit romney have been on the trails. >> on sunday morning talk so -- dr. talk-show represented a sound off on both sides of the campaign. >> which of these candidates you think would be best equipped to move forward. >> i think it is pointed to that your beckett with --
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bank account not his swiss bank account. >> i'm not fighting to create a democrat or republican jibes i am fighting to create american jobs spin pin >> i did not believe it just working out -- looking out for workers and businesses i want to look out for everybody. >> mitt romney said his goal is to make shore obama lose his in his job. he said that he cannot fix washington from the inside that could only dumb -- be done that on the outside.
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why plan to help him do that. >> there is a native american tribe planning to build a casino in sonoma county. this is expected to open in 2013. this group is working on widening the roads >> the materials that -- will be taken out of it in livermore and los a tax payers several million dollars. >> these hotels is so close to the airport the and that
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you could watch the airports go in and out. >> more people are staying in this area. this is why they're here to access the airport. >> for movie buffs of this was once the old thunderbird hotel. >> there is some nice weather coming up. tonight we have clear skies and fog and will be moving into the bay area. tomorrow morning clouds will be on the bayside the close to the ground also in the north bay. tomorrow will have sunny skies and mild temperatures.
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it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow. here is fog tracker 4 at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the farce fog starts to clear beginning at 7:00 a.m.. and as you see the time clock progress you can see the clouds moved toward the coast. here are that afternoon highs for monday. the warmest but is it fair field at 87 degrees. -- the war was spot is in fairfield at 87 degrees.
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here is the 7 day around the bay forecast. mostly sunny. temperatures will come down a few degrees. toward the end of the week the temperatures will climb. >> a reminder that you can get the 7 day around the bay forecast on comcast channel 193. >>vicki: to men were taken to hospital after they drove the vehicle into a high voltage power lines.
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they were attending the raiders game. >> entering the raiders game theory yes -- hey word was injured. he let the fans know that he was ok by raising his right hand. >>
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>>vicki: and bay area sports there was a field goal kick on the last play of the game to give the raiders leave. -- lead. the was 34 to 31 raiders won. >> been unwell the vikings took control early and the forty-niners game. they lost 13-24. the forty-niners fall to two-one. >> the san francisco giants won and the western
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division. >> cliff pennington had a big day going to grieve for -- three344. come with us and much when as the most exciting events of the year. it is kron 4 is blue angel life presented by jeep it is saturday at oversexed at 3:00 p.m.. -- october's six. at 3:00 p.m.. we're gonna take a look at the emmy awards women come back.
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>>vicki: the 64th emmy awards ceremony handed out a new batch of statues to actors and actresses. >> dressed and formal dresses and taxi knows celebrities entered the emmy
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awards. >> people say that this show is the comedy. i don't see anything funny about me being a wise president of the united states. >> among the dramas home land -- homeland cut the lead series. >> cbs amazing grace had a another way for outstanding reality program. the 4 amazing grace-- race/
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